Have Gadget and Gizmo Envy of the Jetsons?

Remember “The Jetsons” with their lives made easy by a push of a button? Didn’t you want all their gadgets and gizmos?

Although we don’t yet get awakened like George Jetson, we do have “smart buildings”, which can do some amazing things. These smart buildings can be monitored remotely to manage energy, providing a great deal more than just costs and energy savings. In my mind the benefits of smart buildings can be endless, with today’s technology and future innovation as well.

In a recent conversation about hotels, as many of them now focus on sustainability, I cited that it would be nice for the front desk to have the ability to “turn on the lights or air/heat” for a guest with a push of a button during check-in.

This same technology could be utilized as well by a central location to turn lights off and air/heat up or down, should the crew preparing the rooms forget and leave any of these energy consumers on. This would combine cost and energy savings with customer service, helping to delight the customers, while managing a large facility to be more efficient.

And how will we get to/from these smart buildings in the future? How about moving  “platforms”, like the Jetson’s.

Yes one day we may utilize trams connecting to trains, while still in motion. So, while you are out there tram traveling and need to manage your smart building, remember to take your mobile device. This will enable you to stay connected to monitor and manage your home or business remotely.

What future smart innovation do you hope materializes? Is existing technology sufficient for the smart buildings of the future or is there something “new’ you would like to see?
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