Have You Heard This One Before?


Three guys walk into a bar.  Yes, we’ve all probably heard different endings to this joke.  I’ve got a new one for you. Three technology leaders attend an event and take a Mobile IQ test.

Not sure how this one ends? Neither was I.

Let me set the stage. While attending a CIO event this past week, I was interacting with different levels of decision makers — all of whom have different exposure to enterprise mobility. These included a CIO, VP of IT, and IT Director. Each of these individuals have a wealth of knowledge, but I was interested in seeing how they would score on our Mobile IQ Test. Before you jump to a conclusion about who scored highest, let l me set the stage by way of their test taking experience.

Similar to a traditional IQ test a 160 score is considered perfect, scoring above 130 is excellent, if someone scores around 100 it can be considered average, but below 70 may require some more studying.

Now on to our participants

Mobile IQ Test Taker 1 – Not confident in how they would score but was methodical about how they addressed every question, scored 124 out of 160.

Mobile IQ Test Taker 2 – Very particular, required the most time to answer each question, and changed their mind on three different questions, scored 147 out of 160.

Mobile IQ Test Taker 3 – The most at ease while taking the test, even referenced how they thought they knew which analyst was responsible for the creation of a certain question, scored 111 out of 160.

In this not-so-scientific sample, Test Taker 1 — believe it or not — was the CIO. I’ve used this test at multiple events and it still impresses me the breadth of knowledge this role in an organization possesses, and also the thought process they take to provide an answer. Of the three, the IT Director seems to be the most serious of the test takers, and earned the highest of the scores. And then there’s the VP of IT. I find great joy in hearing their perspectives; they many times will be the most opinionated while taking the test.

Respectful of each test takers position, while answers may vary because of the nuances of their organizations, many do agree that the questions are in line with the mobility challenges they are faced with every day.

So take the test, and share it with your colleagues and be sure to let me know which category you fall into.


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