How customer-centric is your retail ecosystem?

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Today’s retailers touch customers through multiple channels: in-store, online, over the phone, on the move, or any combination of these.

More channels offer more opportunities to sell and service, but they can also result in failure to deliver. This often occurs due to fluctuations across a range of factors that impact performance — from market dynamics to the weather.

As a retailer, it’s your goal to have the right merchandise in the right channel at the right time, and preferably at the right price. Fortunately, innovations in technology can help your organization respond more dynamically to changes across the supply chain.

These advances make mass personalization possible and help convert the customer experience into such competitive advantages as:

  • Increased loyalty
  • More up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Increased market-share

Localized product variety in physical stores can reap greater rewards and remind customers why brick-and-mortar stores are still a favorite destination. But behind the storefront (real or virtual), your retail business has an entire ecosystem connected to a supply chain – connected to people – connected to processes — connected to technology.

Unifying your supply chain with Unified Communications

In a previous post, we talked about the benefits of unified communications (UC) in retail organizations. But what happens when the entire supply chain needs to be “unified” too?

Advances in cloud-based unified communications make inter-organizational collaboration possible. A common, cloud-based platform can help retailers avoid the challenges of having multiple UC platforms in place across the supply chain.

Retailers without borders

Borderless communication and collaboration across the supply chain can improve your organization’s agility and enable the responsiveness needed to meet critical customer expectations.

With AT&T UC Federation, your business can overcome the challenges of multi-vendor environments and conflicting technology ideologies. This cloud-based UC platform keeps unified communications flowing throughout the supply chain. As a result, your business benefits from improved communication and collaboration with distributors, manufacturers, logistics partners, and contact centers.

The following infographic illustrates how AT&T UC Federation can enable a more customer-centric retail ecosystem.


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