How Do I Manage All Those Cans and Strings? The Office Has Officially Evolved

Hello and welcome back to our ongoing blog series on “How do I Manage all Those Cans and Strings?” The feedback and comments have been great as we continue to explore a non-technical approach to technology.

Specifically, we’re focused on moving from managing multiple disparate networks to one converged network with MPLS. Our last post was a funny little look that tied together WAN Acceleration and the struggles associated with helping your child avoid tears competing in a Pine Wood Derby Race.

I recently found myself watching the movie from way back in 1996 with the very peculiar cable TV installation service technician. The movie was pretty funny, although I’m not much into dark comedies. But there is one scene that struck me, where the technician is standing in one of those huge earth satellite stations talking about the evolution of technology and information collaboration without borders.

Again, that scene was from 1996 when we were still using beepers and migrating from cellular bag phones to phones that could actually fit into our pocket.

You don’t have to see it to believe it

So it’s 2012 now, and we really do live in a connected world. We have moved from going to the library to surfing the Web at fast speeds on our smartphones. We can work from the office, home, and on the go. But what does all this connectivity look like? It’s a little hard to visualize. Does anyone know what the Internet looks like? What about “The Cloud” and other applications? We know it’s there, but we can’t see, smell, or touch it. But we know it’s there because we use it. So that’s been the challenge: How do we visualize something we know is there but can’t see?

That is why I’m reaching out to you on this blog. The Cans-and-Strings Team has created a video that visualizes how “The Office Has Evolved” using an MPLS IP VPN, including application enablement, integration with wireless, and management capabilities. Take a look.

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