How to Meet Opportunity Face-to-Face

I was in a bookstore with my family recently, and was leafing through a large coffee-table book about inventions. Farm machinery in the 1700s gave way to cars, telephones, 747s—eventually leading to the tool that bought this message to you. All of it got me thinking: how do these inventions impact our lives? Do they tell us anything about ourselves?

Clearly, new technologies revolutionize the way we live. If a new invention solves a problem for you, it might do the same for someone else. The opportunity to turn a new technology from a novelty into a viable business product can be great.

Take telepresence for example. It enables people to meet face-to-face via life-like video conferencing. Designed for a business culture, it allows us more freedom to meet and collaborate without having to travel.

Some of the benefits of AT&T Telepresence Solutions include:

  • Remote Stakeholders can be brought together
  • Real-Time Collaboration Takes Place to Facilitate Work
  • It is easy to use with current technology
  • The Quality of Communication Rises
  • There is a strong boost to Collaboration for sharing ideas and getting more done
  • Productivity Rises
  • With any luck, revenue will rise as well

Yes, the technology is remarkable, and it lets companies bring new products to market like never before.

It also reveals something about us that’s also remarkable, and, well, kind of obvious.

We seem to work together better when we can see each other’s faces.

But telepresence doesn’t do it alone. Organizations must make a few key adaptations to make the most of this technology.

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