How Your Business Can Put Enhanced Push-to-Talk To Work

The Sprint iDEN network has shut down. Was your company ready? Whether you’re transitioning from Sprint to AT&T or looking to add Push-To-Talk to your company’s tool set, now is the time. Recently, Small Biz Go Mobile discussed how AT&T had released its Enhanced Push-to-Talk service for iPhone, joining their offering which was already available for Android and BlackBerry. But having access to the app is only one piece of the puzzle. For a variety of business customers, there is a difference between finding out how your company can benefit from the app and actually trying it out. If you’re a current Sprint iDEN customer, the need is even stronger, now that the service has shut down.

How can your business benefit from Push-to-Talk?

For any business managing remote employees, Enhanced Push-to-Talk (ePTT) has several advantages over traditional calls and texts. For one, you can directly reach out to remote employees quickly. Phone conversations typically take minutes, while a quick back and forth on ePTT could take seconds to resolve the same issue.

Being able to see which of your employees are online and available lets you know who you can reach out to at any given time. And since AT&T’s Enhanced PTT works over both 4G as well as Wi-Fi, no matter where your employees are, they should be reachable.

What if they’re not? AT&T’s app will automatically notify employees that they missed a message, giving them a chance to check in later and reply.

ePTT delivers benefits across industries

Some types of small businesses can benefit even more from ePTT. If your business has contractors out in the field, repair or service techs you’re managing remotely, or sales team members working their leads, ePTT is the best way to connect your team and ensure that everyone, no matter where they are, is capable of getting customer or business questions and concerns answered right away.

Hospitality: The hospitality industry is another great example. When larger staffs need to coordinate on projects, store contact databases, and quickly communicate with one another to solve customer concerns or complaints, ePTT offers a frictionless communication method for them to coordinate.

Construction: In construction, repair, flooring, plumbing, or other tough jobs, you can choose from a variety of rugged smartphones to put in the hands of your team to ensure they have solid communications devices available — as well as an easy way for office managers, foremen, superintendents, architects, or other experts to stay in constant, close communication.

Manufacturing: In manufacturing, giving employees who are working at different plants — or different parts of the floor — the ability to quickly connect to one another can save time and money.

Transportation: Let’s say you run a transportation company, and are managing drivers, pickup & drop-off locations, as well as status from a single location. Your employees may already have smartphones, so AT&T Enhanced PTT can be the perfect way to coordinate everything with a single dispatcher.

These are just a few fields and industries that can benefit tremendously from the service, which starts at just $5 a month per line.


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