However you work, you’re great when you collaborate

  • Transform your business with collaboration solutions that can be tailored to multiple roles – from home worker to senior executive to road warrior.

  • Look for unified communications tools that are simple, suitable, and available to boost team collaboration and productivity.

  • Visit AT&T at UC Expo and meet with our collaboration experts to discuss your UC strategy and request a demonstration that is tailored to address your needs.

When collaboration technology and tools are made simple, suitable, and available, we all have the ability to be great.

What kind of collaborator are you?

Recognize yourself in one of these profiles? Are you a:

  • Home worker looking to be more productive with location and time flexibility – Staying connected to others while working remotely can be challenging, especially as you try to meet deadlines and establish working relationships. You don’t have time to dial around looking for the right resource to provide input, and you don’t have the luxury of water cooler chat. For you, presence and chat solutions let you know how to reach the most available resources to collaborate on any given project. Mobile content collaboration tools let everyone contribute when they can without losing version control. To stay connected, web and video conferencing solutions give you face time without having to drive to the office. This helps increase productivity and maintain your work/life balance. 
  • Senior executive ready to promote innovation around your organization – With a dispersed work force, demanding customers, and disparate suppliers, driving innovation can be a challenge. What you need are team collaboration apps plus web and video conferencing capabilities that virtually connect you with your team on a variety of devices. With the right unified communications (UC) tools you can connect with others on the fly without reserving a conference room or having to juggle email and schedules. Video and web conferencing solutions help you span diverse locations to deliver an important town hall meeting, enter into an immersive experience with customers, and talk to suppliers on an as-needed basis. This lets you flexibly engage employees and suppliers, breaking time and logistic barriers to accelerate innovation.
  • Road warrior racing to drive sales while on the move – Today’s customers are more knowledgeable by the time you’re in front of them. To close the sale, you need to be more informed and more connected with them than ever.  You can keep going while on the go with mobile UC and near real-time mobile collaboration solutions that let you access product information, deliver presentations, and customize material to send to customers via almost any device. When you can’t be there in person, video conferencing puts you in front of the customer instead.  This gives your customers what they need when they need it to help them say “yes” and help you close the sale faster.
  • Global office worker committed to boosting productivity with your colleagues, wherever they may be – Time zones and distance can pose challenges when trying to engage with others on your team. For you, productivity rules with tools that include the ability to access files anywhere, collaborate with others anytime, and meet with colleagues virtually. Email, messaging, presence, and web conferencing as well as mobile collaboration tools can help you shrink the globe to improve productivity.

Simplify and collaborate

Whatever your role, it’s easy to see how when you simplify collaboration solutions, they become more usable and more quickly adopted. You can make them suitable for each person and purpose. You have the flexibility to build stronger teams or simply allow an individual to work effectively on their own. You can make them highly available and accelerate the time it takes to make better decisions, share more ideas, or simply get things done.

Join us at UC Expo

If you’re in London for UC Expo April 19-20, visit AT&T at Stand C313, London Olympia. Read more about what AT&T will be doing at the show and schedule a meeting with one of our UC Experts during the event. Our collaboration experts will be available to discuss your UC strategy and the challenges you may be facing. We can tailor a demonstration to your needs. We’ll also show you how the AT&T collaboration portfolio can help to transform your business.

To learn more now about collaboration solutions, check out the AT&T Unified Communications and Collaboration Portfolio with solutions designed to bring multiple tools together for seamless collaboration among co-workers, partners, and customers from nearly any device and any place.

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