IBM and AT&T Take on Cybercrime Together

The enterprise security space is continuously changing in response to the increasing scope and sophistication of not only external, but internal threats. Since hackers are always coming up with new ways to infiltrate your network defenses, you must find new ways to combat their constant efforts.

After years of working with customers to strengthen their security defenses, AT&T and IBM both understand that the hardest part for many is knowing where to start, what to do and where to go for help, especially with tight budgets.

That’s why, in a recent two-heads-are-better-than-one move, we began working together to come up with a new security solution and a four-step implementation approach to lessen your security risks, costs and complexity.

What’s different?

The new service, Threat Management & Analysis, combines a secure private network infrastructure and gateway protection services from AT&T with consulting services, security analytics and event management from IBM.

Instead of using a mix of security technologies that may not work together, leaving vulnerable gaps in protection, you can have an end-to-end platform and buy it from a single provider, either AT&T or IBM. But what really makes the solution different is the way AT&T and IBM exchange network event data to speed threat detection, analysis and response.

Four steps to easing network security

The new security solution includes:

Assessment and design.

IBM consultants do an extensive analysis of your network and security infrastructure, then design an architecture aimed at reducing costs and risks and simplifying complexities within your network.

Deployment and integration.

Although this is a cloud-based solution to reduce capex, we deploy and integrate a hybrid network of security controls to support on-premises investments. We also streamline and standardize your security policies.

Management and monitoring.

Gaps between security appliances make it hard to compile meaningful information on security events. Now, AT&T sends network event data from across your cloud and premises-based security devices to IBM for consolidated threat monitoring and management and improved visibility.

Intelligence and response.

IBM analyzes security event logs and real-time intelligence gathered from global attack activities to detect vulnerabilities and threats and determine the most appropriate response. This includes a pro-active assessment of network threats, emergency response to actual threats and a forensic analysis of breaches to know where they came from, how they occurred and how to optimize your network design or security policies to prevent future threats.

For further information on how AT&T and IBM are working together to address your most critical network security issues, please see the associated Press Release.
Andy Daudelin Vice President of Cloud AT&T About Andy