MPLS helps ICE cruise through seasonal fluctuations

  • Cruise company relies on technology to steer its travel offerings and promotions.
  • Read our case study to learn how travelers make informed choices about vacations.

Travel and leisure industry market-maker, International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE) relies on technology to translate the complex world of travel options through a single interface. They help an ever-changing clientele of timeshare owners, loyalty club members and leisure travelers make an informed choice about their next vacation.


Read this insightful case study to discover how AT&T’s Virtual Private Network solutions are enabling ICE to:

▪    Provide the most up-to-date data to consumers and sales channels

▪    Connect worldwide locations and dynamically route inbound SIP-based calls to home-based contact specialists thanks to a global MPLS network

▪    Use the cloud to economically expand capacity to handle bursts in web traffic

▪    Handle more than 800,000 web pages, including growing video content, and accelerate page loads for a more responsive service

▪    Apply mobility development best practices to web-enable its application suite to serve a growing number of mobile users.

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