Security event and threat analysis services

  • Today’s cyberworld is plagued with never-ending security risks.

  • Learn how businesses can implement a holistic threat management solution in new white paper.

Today’s cyber world is plagued with never-ending security risks. We are all familiar with Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks that can bring down a website. But far more dangerous are the silent attacks that slowly enter the environment, often sitting idle for weeks or months before taking action.

With the growth of Bring Your Own Device or BYOD, along with cloud applications and storage options, IT departments are greatly challenged. It may seem a daunting task to sufficiently monitor security threats across today’s complex environment.

More than ever, it is extremely important to have a holistic threat management solution that provides monitoring, detection and response to security issues and breaches across your company’s IT environment.

AT&T has spent decades developing and deploying techniques to detect and respond to security threats. The foundation of AT&T’s ability to detect threats is the insights derived by AT&T through analysis of traffic crossing AT&T’s global network. I encourage you to read about three recent customer examples that demonstrate the power and value of AT&T Security Event Threat Management Service.

Andy Daudelin Vice President of Cloud AT&T About Andy