How Industries Benefit from Enhanced Push-to-Talk

  • Industries with a large number of mobile workers benefit from EPTT.
  • EPTT with integrated dispatch gives decision-makers a GPS view of field traffic.

When business success depends on the efficiency of mobile workers, instant and direct communications are vital. Consider industries with large mobile work forces: airline travel, hospitality, transportation, public safety, education, manufacturing or construction. Enhanced Push To Talk (EPTT) with Integrated Dispatch offers improved communication capabilities that are changing how these businesses operate, including a birds’ eye view of field traffic on a GPS map, plus the ability to communicate individually or en masse by voice or IM. An app for tablet or iPad enables you to take EPTT on the road.

The possibilities for new efficiencies using EPTT are endless. For example:

  • Jet Express, a transportation company for the auto industry, handles up to 400 truckloads a day. With EPTT, dispatchers can deliver short, audible messages to drivers when a phone call or text is not advisable. This enables dispatchers to direct traffic and communicate without compromising safety or violating state driving regulations.
  • Boerne Independent School District in Texas has more than 7,000 students in 12 schools. Administrators and bus drivers use EPTT to communicate with each other and external departments, including the police department, in the event of crisis, disaster, or emergency, as well as in daily operations. The ability to communicate in real time with outside emergency departments is an innovation that provides added safety for students and staff.
  • Republic Services, a waste management company, communicates with 10,000 plus personnel. With EPTT, dispatchers connect quickly with large teams across difficult, often hazardous job sites. With Integrated Dispatch, they can “see” and efficiently respond to situations as they arise. The ease of reliable, push-button communication, rugged equipment, and GPS dispatching has simplified operations and improved fleet safety.
  • Seattle-based SSA Marine manages cargo and cruise ships at ports, terminals, and docks around the world. Longshoremen, technicians, foremen, and port staff stay connected with the advanced messaging system offered by EPTT. SSA Marine chose AT&T EPTT because of AT&T’s network reliability, global coverage, and equipment that can withstand rough weather conditions.

How could EPTT improve operations in your industry? Share your comments or experiences below.

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