Information protection for today’s consumer experience

  • Retailers want to provide a consistent, secure, omni-channel experience.
  • AT&T provides security services to help retail organizations achieve their goals.

Enterprise and business clients are usually the first to adopt the newest technology. Representing a variety of sectors, these companies leverage the latest and greatest systems for improving sales, reducing operating expenses, boosting employee engagement and productivity, and a host of other uses. However, retailers are joining these organizations and are more often employing new technology to enhance customer experiences and improve their brand’s overall position. In today’s connected marketplace, a better deal is often just a click away, and retailers need to stay ahead of the competition.

Many retailers say their top business challenge is providing a consistent, omni-channel experience. Simplifying transitions between channels can help keep shoppers engaged in the purchasing process, so customers don’t drop off. Before they hand over their personal details during a transaction or when signing up for a loyalty program, customers want to feel safe. Let them down, and they’ll not only not come back, but they’ll tell all of their friends, too. That’s why any attack that compromises customer data — whatever the cause, and whatever the scale — can be tremendously damaging.

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Consumers demand confidence in security and privacy

The data that retailers are collecting is not just cardholder data, but sensitive personal information that, in the wrong hands, may lead to harm and fraud. Before consumers do business with a retailer, they need to know the retailer’s security and privacy status and have visibility into how the merchant protects customer information. Only then will consumers have the information needed to make an intelligent choice about which retailers to do business with.

In this world of instant information and digital connectivity, the retail industry must evolve to share more information about the security level of their daily transactions. The security paradigm needs to shift from a closed, minimal effort environment to one where merchants have a means to defend against the persistent threats they face every day. It is important to go beyond PCI compliance and apply security concepts holistically that will hold up in today’s dynamic security landscape.

AT&T provides security services to help retail organizations of all sizes protect their IT assets, comply with industry requirements and government regulations, and control security costs.

Bindu Sundaresan Strategic Security Solutions Lead AT&T About Bindu