Managing An Avalanche Of Customer Order Data Via The Cloud

Who isn’t faced the big data question? With today’s overwhelming influx of unstructured information, how do you determine what’s crucial, what’s transitory and what’s redundant? How do you manage storage without incurring hefty data center expenses and, at the same time, free up storage capacity without sacrificing vital business information? That was a top-of-mind question for AT&T Information Technology Director Bryon Rickey and his team, when they were looking to transform terabytes of raw data into actionable intelligence, while running the world’s largest Oracle Enterprise Business System platform.

Learn how Rickey devised a tiered-storage strategy using performance archiving and compressed cloud-based storage, to allow for predictability and more effective data control. See how your business could leverage this approach to effectively manage data, mitigate your data center’s costs and put your business on the fast track.

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