Inside the 6 Degrees of Innovation

  • Companies that lead through innovation share traits that set them apart.

  • Patterns between technology trends and market needs appear in future-ready business models.

  • Your organization can use the "6 Degrees" to nurture innovation where it will grow.

Innovation has become the competitive advantage of the 21st Century. It is disrupting and transforming industries with the potential to create new market leaders. Most businesses would like to become more innovative, but few understand what true innovation looks like – or how to nurture it in a way that’s most advantageous to their own organizations.

What does a real innovator look like?

A recent study by the Cambridge Judge Business School assessed major transformative innovations across a number of industries to distill the “Six Degrees of Innovation.” The six degrees represent six matching patterns between trends in technology and market needs that occur with regularity in successful business models. The study found that companies with successful innovation track records are more likely to have one or more of the following business model characteristics:

  1. Tailor-made products and services
  2. Sustainability practices
  3. Jointly owned assets
  4. Demand-driven resource utilization
  5. Effective supply chain management
  6. Use of data to easily adapt to customer needs

For an expanded look at the Six Degrees of Innovation, and what it means for your business, view the infographic:



Learn more about the Six Degrees of Innovation by downloading the full report:

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