Integration at the hands of a master service integrator

  • A master service integrator matches your company’s connected infrastructure with its needs and strategies.

  • AT&T can help plan, deploy, and manage integrated services across your voice, data, and IP networks.

As your company changes and grows, so too will your connected infrastructure needs. For a period of time, you may be able to handle the changes on your own, perhaps with additional IT staff or reallocation of resources. But there will come a point when the “slap a band aid on it” quick-fix or reactionary triage won’t cut it. For one, it is extremely time-consuming to get optimal performance from technologies not designed to work together. And gaps in resources, tools and processes can create barriers for making needed changes. Instead of acquiring and maintaining resources to deploy and manage infrastructure technology, it will become time to take action with full-on surgery.

Communication infrastructures consist of various technologies and components that must work collaboratively in order to optimize the performance of the information and technology environment. With the demand for constant change, it is to your advantage to establish a strategy which will allow you to take advantage of capabilities and services to meet objectives, and integrate them with confidence. Implemented correctly, a strategic approach to integrating these components can produce improvement in the overall performance of your infrastructure, plus substantial cost savings over time.

Master Service Integrators

Taking action to integrate services and capabilities requires much more than a concept. It requires skill, experience, and scale to plan, deploy, and manage the process. With triage, you assume responsibilities for ensuring new capabilities and services are integrated and managed effectively across your voice, data and IP infrastructures. However, with strategic surgery, the “Master Service Integrator” becomes your ‘As a Service’ surgeon, providing access to a rich catalog of services and capabilities, which include a global base of assets, and a comprehensive set of tools, skills and experience to provide capabilities and services for your infrastructure.

When building your strategy, it is important to seek out a full service approach from a provider with comprehensive services, capabilities and integration expertise. With constant innovation and expert service tailored to your needs, a Master Service Integrator such as AT&T Network Integration can help provide clarity, security and reliability to plan, deploy and manage the global logistics and complexities associated with mobile, network, cloud, application and connected infrastructure services.

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