Investing in Business Transformation

  • Companies want seamless, integrated connectivity solutions.

  • AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions deliver seamless network, platform, and partner ecosystem solutions to customers.

Think about your morning routine. Like many of you, one of the first things I do after waking up is check email and catch up on the news. I do this without opening my laptop. It all happens at the touch of a screen, either my phone or my tablet.

So here’s the reality. Mobility is changing everything – how we live, how we work. With mobility, everything and everyone is connected. It’s disrupting industries. It’s blurring the lines between an individual’s personal and work life. It’s allowing companies to redefine their business models, using mobile and cloud-based technology. This is why we recently decided to bring our separate Business Solutions and Mobility units into a single AT&T organization, AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions.

Companies want seamless integrated solutions. The great news is we’re already connecting everything – from GM cars to Timex watches to GE locomotives and aircraft engines. With this latest move, we’ll innovate at an even faster pace and do things for companies in ways that our competitors can’t match.

In speaking to 60+ industry analysts last week, I outlined the three areas where AT&T is investing to deliver connectivity and solutions to the millions of companies we serve:

Network: Without question, the network has become the backbone of many businesses. Our investment over the last eight years ($119 billion) has focused on the aggressive deployment, upgrade and integration of our wireline/wireless networks to deliver secure, differentiated solutions today. This is paving the way for future network capabilities that will allow companies to order and change network services in near or real time. Add in our global SIM capabilities – which allow us to connect cars, shipping containers and cargo virtually anywhere in the world – and you can begin to appreciate the possibilities unleashed by mobility for transforming business models and industries, regardless of sector.

Platforms: Software platforms are enabling us to connect companies to their operations, employees and customers in new and unique ways. Our AT&T NetBondsm platform extends a company’s traditional VPN environment into cloud environments.

Partner Ecosystems: In a connected world, no-one innovates alone anymore. We have NetBond agreements with a number of blue-chip companies, including IBM Softlayer, which we just announced last week. We have connected car agreements with a host of auto companies – GM, Audi, Volvo, Tesla, Nissan, Ford and BMW. We’re mobilizing the skies with Honeywell to deliver in-flight connectivity for passengers and airlines. We’re GE’s global M2M provider for their Industrial Internet initiative. The list goes on. The point: Smart companies are innovating in vibrant, dynamic partner ecosystems to grab onto growth and new revenue streams – while becoming models in efficiency and productivity.

Mobility has changed everything. We can see the future. We’re investing in it. And we’re loving the possibilities we’ve yet to imagine.

Ralph de la Vega Mobile and Business Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer AT&T About Ralph