IoT brings value and versatility to multiple industries

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly. Businesses of all sizes are using IoT solutions to boost productivity and efficiency, make product decisions and service their customers better. AT&T is not only developing and deploying the technology, but we’re helping companies build IoT strategies specific to their business.

What exactly do we offer? Our IoT solutions give companies the complete package. We build solutions combining multiple technologies into one platform. Our solution offers a global SIM, connectivity, cloud storage, and app developer tools and resources via our M2X and Flow Designer services. These help companies better manage and use the data they collect.

Businesses from different industries all want to reduce costs, automate operations, improve customer service, and build new and innovative products. Whether it’s managing supply chain  or monitoring  heavy equipment, companies can depend on IoT solutions from AT&T for information that helps them improve how their businesses operate.

Here are some examples:

o   Streetline, Inc. makes smart cities a reality through sensor-enabled mobile and Web apps. Streetline’s proprietary sensing technology captures parking events in any type of parking environment and powers a number of apps. The Parker™ app displays real-time on- and off-street data and important parking policy and pricing data in a city.

  • AT&T announced Parker as one of 13 apps available for our industry-leading connected car platform, AT&T Drive. The app is speech-enabled, so drivers can access information they need on the road.

o   Stanley Steemer offers professional deep cleaning services that extend beyond carpet to furniture, tile and grout, hardwood, air ducts, and 24-hour emergency water restoration.

  • With national coverage that includes over 300 locations in 49 states, Stanley Steemer’s familiar yellow vans deliver state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, highly trained technicians, and 24/7 response time to their customer’s doorstep.
  • Stanley Steemer uses AT&T IoT technology to bring touch-based mobile apps to its field technicians. With a tablet, the technician can remotely manage job dispatches, process work orders, and transmit GPS telemetry back to the home office. Other features include video playback for training or up-selling at the customer site and electronic signatures, payments, receipts, and printers. Technicians can dispatch and maintain orders on mobile devices while accessing maps and vehicle navigation.

o   ZTR Control Systems monitors and controls industrial and railway equipment around the world. Using AT&T Enterprise on Demand, VPN, and Global SIMs, ZTR can provide solutions to help its customers stay connected to, and manage, their fleet from a central location. Customers can obtain vital information about equipment such as GPS location, battery, and fuel levels, required maintenance, fault alerts, and more.

  • We’re making it possible for ZTR to provide telematics services to the largest rental equipment company in the world. United Rentals has surpassed 100,000 telematics-equipped pieces of rental equipment in its fleet. With our help, United Rentals continues to deploy thousands of additional telematics-equipped assets every week.

o   DoorKingTM Inc. manufactures products for the access control industry. Using AT&T Control Center, Global SIMs, and connectivity, DoorKing introduced a wireless gate entry system.

  • Before, most of the entry systems relied on plain old telephone service lines. Updating the directories on these entry systems involved using a bank of analog modems, which were costly to manage. Labor was expensive. They had to dig ditches to install the lines for larger communities. And lightning strikes could disable the service.
  • With our wireless technology, DoorKing has achieved faster and cheaper installations and cut costs to manage its systems. Installers don’t have to dig ditches for phone lines, and they can easily update directories. Control Center provides real-time data and diagnostics if issues should arise.

Analysts predict there will be 20 to 50 billion connected devices by 20201. They expect the global market for the Internet of Things to nearly triple to $1.7 trillion by 20202.The age of IoT is growing exponentially as mobility, software, and cloud technology evolve. As a leading solution provider in this space, we’re creating smart technology that makes work and life easier for businesses.

1Machina forecasts 20 billion. IDC forecasts 30 billion. Frost & Sullivan and Cisco forecast 50 billion.


Mobeen Khan Business Executive Mobility Marketing Director AT&T About Mobeen