IoT and the Connected Value Chain

  • The Connected Value Chain offers end-to-end visibility to help companies exceed expectations.
  • AT&T helps to deliver on brand promise, drive efficiency, add value to business.

So, now what are you going to do?

Within the last 30 minutes, your freight forwarder called and told you that dock workers at your primary importing port were going on strike, and if they didn’t find alternate ports for your cargo, it’s not going to arrive on time. And, the vice president of sales just left your office after telling you that the company’s largest client just increased its order by 20% in anticipation of the promotion it is planning to run being successful. Nothing like doubling down on the bad news, just before your biggest selling season when your company makes most of its sales and profits! To make things even more interesting, your product is highly perishable and needs to be maintained at a constant temperature throughout the value chain. As the Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) of a leading importer of fresh cut flowers, your clients, your company, and your colleagues are looking to you and your team to find a way to get the flowers delivered FRESH and on time. So, now what are you going to do?

Knowledge is power

Fortunately, you have good options. The Connected Value Chain can give you the end-to-end visibility you need to not only meet, but exceed, the brand expectations of clients and internal teams:

  • Refrigerated cargo trailers and ocean containers can now report not only their location, but the status of sensitive/high value cargo across global networks. You can track in near real time where your freight is (globally). You can be immediately notified if your cargo is delayed, goes “off route,” or if the internal temperature rises above or below your designated range.
  • Air cargo standard and expedited shipments can be tracked from origin through the gateway airport and along each leg of their journey to the destination. Sensors attached to the cargo container and/or cargo directly are certified for on-aircraft use, and those sensors travel with the cargo to report location and cargo status in near real time.
  • You can have a single “view” from your desktop or mobile device across multiple carriers, modes, and traffic lanes to see where your cargo is at any stage of its journey. And, you can provide key clients with a customized view of where their shipments are. You no longer need to scramble to track down the paperwork to trace the location of a specific shipment.

These are just a few of the things that the Internet of Things brings to the Connected Value Chain in helping companies deliver the brand promise, gain end-to-end visibility, reduce out of stocks, drive efficiency, and add value to business.

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