It’s all about CONVERGENCE

First there was the analog telephone network, consisting of a worldwide network of telephone lines, connected by switching centers (i.e. Public Switched Telephone Network/PSTN), allowing any telephone in the world to communicate with any other. Each telephone line has an identifying number called its “telephone number.”

The PSTN gradually evolved from analog towards digital.  In addition to voice, these networks supported the early Data applications.  As the demand for Data grew, the telephone and data networks diverged.

Along came the Internet and Internet Protocol (IP) and then it was “Good Bye tie lines…..”  Soon telephone calls were originating as IP; identified by their IP addresses and sent along with data over the Internet…..Welcome “Convergence”.  Converged voice and data has provided businesses true cost savings by optimizing bandwidth with both voice compression and dynamic packet utilization.The benefits of convergence for business are enormous.

These developments have evolved the value of Convergence along with any to any connectivity and extended that to the Cloud.  AT&T designed Cloud services not only to integrate with the core network, but to appear as any other access point on the network.  When you combine Cloud Computing with convergence you receive even more benefits.

What does this mean for you? Simply put, you can utilize a single VPN (Virtual Private Network)  or soon Wireless connection for your voice, data and Cloud access….  This not only drives bandwidth cost savings, but simplified management and administration.  AT&T – keeping it simple- It’s all about CONVERGENCE……

How do you see Cloud Computing converging voice and data?  What has been your experience in the convergence of voice and data that went well?  What could be improved?  Your input on this will help others and let them know what you are accomplishing.
Amy Machi Director of Offer Development AT&T About Amy