IT: Meet your agile, hybrid cloud initiative

  • Agility, flexibility, and speed of delivery can be true competitive differentiators in today’s business, and IT departments must focus on providing these abilities.

  • For many organizations, cloud technology holds the key to success. However, in the rush to gain advantage security can often fall by the wayside.

  • AT&T can help you maximize your hybrid cloud, building an agile and flexible foundation that provides the services you want alongside the security you need.

The modern business lives and dies on its ability to act and react quickly. Your customers want their needs met instantly; your workers want to be able to access information at any time and from anywhere; and your IT department is under constant pressure to make it all happen at once.

So what’s the solution?

For most organizations in this situation, public cloud deployments offer a beacon of hope, providing the agility, scalability, and low costs that can make the difference in competitive industries. However, with so many new devices and access points on your network, there can be a high price to pay for these benefits in terms of security.

In fact, with a 10-fold increase in advanced persistent threats and DDoS attacks over the past two years, it’s crucial that organizations don’t rush to realize these benefits without taking measures to protect themselves. Perhaps the ideal solution isn’t the rigid security of on-premises IT or the flexibility of the public cloud, but something in between the two.

Join us for a live webinar on June 9 to get expert insights from IDC analyst Courtney Munroe and Amy Machi from AT&T. They’ll be discussing how you can build a hybrid cloud that provides the flexibility and cost benefits you want, alongside the enterprise-grade security and control that you need.

Don’t miss this chance to see how the right hybrid IT infrastructure could be the agile and secure foundation your business needs.

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