It’s An App World After All

Mobility is changing our world.  People are connected to wireless networks all the time, and we’re starting to take it for granted. In 2011, when I visited Ghana, I learned that adults were  using cell phones to do money exchanges and teens were  playing games in their feature (non-smart) phones all the time. I realized that apps have entered into people’s daily lives universally, even in a developing community.

Last fall, I visited the App World in London. Businesses and developers were trying to figure out how to use NFC (near field communication) technology to make people’s lives easier despite the fact that over 25 million Oyster NFC-enabled cards are already being used for public transportation in UK.

Having worked in the wireless field for many years,  I am always inspired by AT&T’s mission statement: “Connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else.” Nowadays, connectivity happens beyond the network infrastructure layer; apps increasingly play a huge role in the creation of social connectivity and are continuing to enter our world rapidly, yet quietly.

In early March, Mobile Future released a new infographic – All About Apps – showcasing this relatively new segment of the mobile marketplace and its contributions to U.S. innovation, job creation, and economic growth. It indicated that by the end of 2013, two billion apps will be downloaded per week.


 Click here to view an expanded version of the infographic.


Why is NFC your friend in this app world? Adding NFC functionalities into various apps will enhance the user experience tremendously. The simplicity of tapping to connect and share data will change consumers’ habits and facilitate a new way of human interaction that combines the real world with the virtual world. In turn, higher demands for more innovative apps will result.

For example: NFC was selected by the Car Tech editors as the “most promising future tech” as part of the 2012 Car Tech Awards. By 2015, you’ll be able to unlock your Hyundai car, start its engine, and more by using your NFC-enabled smartphone.

The exciting world of apps presents us with endless possibilities: What will your role in this new world be?
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