Kaman’s IT infrastructure keeps customers first

Kaman Industrial Technologies (KIT) operates more than 200 customer service centers and five distribution centers across North America, but these locations once operated in relative isolation. If local customer service agents were busy or cut off by weather and unable to take calls, phones could ring unanswered. There was no way for other offices to help balance the workload.

The company’s data network was complex, and it was unable to prioritize between business-critical applications and less important uses. With growth on the agenda, KIT needed an updated network—and a new way to excel in customer service.

An AT&T virtual private network (VPN) offered the solution to link office locations with a highly flexible network that includes security features. Thanks to an enterprise-class contact center solution, voice calls are processed and directed over the VPN. Customers still dial local numbers that can be routed to a wider geography during busy times and unexpected situations, which improves customer service. KIT has also reinforced the heart of its system with highly secure, duplicated data centers, connected via an AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service fiber optic ring.

Learn how KIT is becoming an agile-enabled business, leveraging a flexible, scalable network to optimize business operations, provide a local presence for customers, and ensure high levels of customer service.


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