LAN/WAN Integration Optimized with MPLS IP VPNs

Most enterprises initially limit IP telephony, videoconferencing and basic unified communications tools to a single headquarters location or a handful of large operational sites. The challenge today is to deploy innovation across a broader geographical scope, prompting organizations to consider delivery options such as outsourced or managed solutions that include multi-technology WANs.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AT&T predicts that enterprises will step up the pace when it comes to advanced IP-based and integrated or unified communications applications, as users gain familiarity and experience. But their expectations will inevitably rise.

Consequently, many organizations will be looking to upgrade or migrate a WAN to MPLS IP VPN as the technology of choice for site-to-site connections where performance-sensitive applications are used. When integrating different technologies, enterprises will have two priorities: “simpler and faster” and “cheaper”. Find out what role third party WAN management solutions are anticipated to play as part of multinationals’ centralized sourcing strategy.

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