Reduce the risks of change using Unified Communications

  • 61 percent of respondents view collaboration as "critical" during re-org.

  • Change calls for a reassessment of current technology and future needs.

  • UC can reduce risks of change with a stepped approach to migration.

It’s clear from the IDG Global Research report, Unified Communications and Collaboration Survey 2014, that Unified Communications (UC) presents a particularly compelling argument when organizational change is on the agenda. Using a five-point scale, with one being “not at all important” and five being “critical,” participants were asked to rate the importance of collaboration as an enabler of organizational change. A full 61 percent of respondents stated collaboration was critical.

Change can be driven by a merger, a growth spurt, a relocation, or even an efficiency drive towards cost and overhead reductions. It may occur as the result of a cultural shift to reshape and reinvigorate people and processes. Or it may be simply an effort to be more competitive.

Whatever the catalyst, there’s no doubt that it can be the right time to reassess needs, possibilities, and whether in fact your technology is working hard enough to support the way you work now — or intend to work in the future.

Of course, re-organization can be loaded with as many challenges as there are advantages. It’s rarely easy to deconstruct, and to take forward what works and discard or replace what could be improved. This is especially true when you are supporting an extended and sometimes delicate ecosystem of people and relationships.

The attraction of UC lies in the ability to reduce the risks of change with a stepped approach to migration that won’t compromise continuity. Beginning with the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the path ahead provides compelling reasons to “go UC.”

And, while you’re thinking “blue sky” with your re-org strategy, why not also consider cloud solutions for applications, hosting, and storage. They can be integrated within a UC solution to give you more choice, flexibility, and potentially significant savings on capital expenditures. Yet more reasons to see organizational change as something to embrace.


Sandra Weinstein Lead Marketing Manager AT&T About Sandra