Leveraging the power of IoT and global connectivity

Cellular? Or satellite? Now AT&T and Globecomm, a leading global provider of managed network communication solutions, are working together so that you don’t have to choose one connectivity solution over the other. You can have both. Watch and learn how.

As customers in every kind of industry adopt and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, end-to-end network coverage is essential – and that includes cellular and satellite networks. Many areas around the world are so remote that cellular coverage is impractical, if not impossible. These areas can have limited cellular coverage and even limited signal strength, with the nearest cell tower being miles away. In many cases, satellite connectivity is an inherently reliable, secure, and viable source for IoT solutions.

Dual-mode cell and satellite network options make it easy for you to connect the desired assets – with the power to choose the most cost-effective connectivity option. The Control Center management platform offers visibility into the activity and status of your SIMs on the wireless network.

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