Leveraging WiFi Services for a 5-Star Customer Experience

  • Wireless technology can help improve the customer experience for brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • Mobile apps can help customers save time and customize their experience.

Consider the last time you had to wait for help or for a service. It may have been a visit to the doctor, waiting to pay at a store, or even waiting to get a table at a popular restaurant. No one likes to wait. We’ve become so used to real-time access to information and services, that even a short wait can seem endless. Wi-Fi opens the door to increased customer satisfaction. For brick-and-mortar businesses with regular customer traffic, the act of waiting for something can take on new meaning. Using Wi-Fi, businesses can engage a loyal customer base with emerging technology to improve the customer experience. Consider the following two industries.

Restaurant App appeal

Consider the restaurant industry. With wireless technology, customers at tables could potentially browse menus, place orders, engage in games or activities and more. This technology presents an opportunity to bring in advertisers, or to offer games as a paid service. Restaurants with these types of applications have seen increased sales and improved guest satisfaction. Customers are happy because they don’t need to wait for a busy server to ring in a drink order. Children are happy because they can play games and music. The restaurant is happy because the customers are happy. Restaurant staff is more efficient, and customer use of apps pays for the cost of the solution. It’s a “win” all around.

What’s ahead for hotels?

In the hotel industry, an effortless, tailored guest experience creates loyalty. Keyless entries, virtual concierge services, and remote check-ins enable hotels to save guests time while customizing their experiences. Hotels want to give guests a “five star” experience, and emerging technology offers a way to do that. But these experiences aren’t possible without a strong connection. For this industry, Wi-Fi is more than just a service to offer guests; it’s a business enabler.

There’s a tremendous opportunity here. Savvy businesses can use applications not only to support the cost of bringing in Wi-Fi, but also to give their customers a more interactive and engaging experience. Learn more about AT&T Wi-Fi services.

Phillip Hartfield Wi-Fi Services Assistant Vice President AT&T About Phillip