Lock It or Lose It: Not Your Car, Your Apps & Data

  • Unsecured, mobile devices and applications can put the enterprise is at risk.
  • Mobile application management is essential to reduce the financial and regulatory risk of compromised data.

I read that in some states, owners are fined if their vehicles are unlocked. According to police, car theft largely occurs due to unlocked vehicles, and the fine helps decrease overall crime. As I read the article I wondered, how many people must leave their cars unlocked to make this a finable offense? And what are the reasons cars are left unlocked – is it negligence, habit, a quick errand?

Taking this thought further, in the enterprise, how often do organizations leave their apps and data “unlocked?”  What are the reasons the apps are unlocked – is it belief that nothing will happen, a focus on deployment vs. security? And how often does that result in theft and loss of valuable enterprise possessions?

Mobile application management is an important part of the app integration process for the same reasons a security system is important to a car or home owner.  When you make the decision to invest in something, it is wise to protect your investment and its related valuables. Leaving your valuables unprotected makes it easier for someone to steal them, and that costs you more in the long-run. It’s an interesting thought because often the cost to the business if data is compromised probably has inherently larger financial and regulatory implications than a car or home break-in might.

In a digital digest titled Mobile App Management, Information Week (see eBook below) explores the topic through six editorial lens. The articles cover:

  • How to Master the Enterprise Mobile App Life Cycle
  • How to Keep Enterprise Mobile Apps Secure
  • Mobile Transforms IT’s Role; What’s Next
  • Enterprise Mobility: Cost vs Risk
  • Mobility & Cloud
  • 4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Development Platform
What is your business doing to safeguard its valuable mobile possessions? Are your apps and data fully protected?
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