Lock that up…Can Tight

Hello and welcome back to our ongoing blog series on “How do I Manage all Those Cans and String.”  The feedback and comments have been great as we explore a non-technical approach to technology.  Specifically we focus on moving from managing multiple disparate networks to one converged network with MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching).

We learn about security and safety as children. Do you remember crossing guards at school? Ever earn a safety badge? What about the kids with the envious power statement with their yellow hall monitor sashes? Ok, that’s a little overkill. Do you remember your first bicycle lock or combination for your locker? As children we learned the importance of safety and protection our possessions. “Don’t forget to lock the dog’s fence gate!…Yes Sir.

We learn safety is an ever emerging and bigger concern as we grow up.  But as we get older, safety habits turn to protecting what was important to us. To many of us now, as professionals, we need to protect our corporate assets, our information… our competitive edge.

Computer attacks and hacking techniques grow exponentially. This year has seen many publicized events in the media. 70 Million Playstation users had their credit information compromised. In May Lockheed Martin announced it was attacked by hackers using stolen SecurId codes taken from the RSA.  (RSA makes the dohicky’s with revolving codes for us to log in, right?). And don’t get me started on the Wikileaks fiasco.

From this series we have explored the benefits of MPLS and how we have collapsed our legacy disparate networks into one IP based VPN (Virtual Private Network). But one of the greatest benefits of AT&T Network Based VPN’s are the inherent security features woven into the service. The security offerings help predict and proactively prevent breaches by spotting suspicious activity in Internet activity. There are predictive capabilities that can save precious time to patch or mitigate threats in the cloud before they reach your network. You can manage your core policies while AT&T can help manage your security concerns.  There are managed options and consulting services that help prevent attacks like Phishing.

I remember learning to fish on the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Emerald Isle. There was a pier down from our summer home where I learned how to bait a hook and to cast.  (I say there WAS a pier because I saw it on the news recently torn apart from a hurricane)  Sometimes we caught grouper and sometimes an occasional small sand-shark. My Dad and I would walk back together carrying our gear talking about our day. When we got back to the shed we would clean our gear with fresh water.  “Remember to lock that up son…. Yes Sir.”

Locking up and securing are always important.  So, how are you protecting your VPN?  What steps do you recommend others take to insure a properly secured VPN?  We look forward to hearing from you.
Lon Hickman VPN Portfolio Marketing Manager AT&T About Lon