Cloud computing is a new means of delivering IT capability that expands enterprise service options. Even long term, you will continue to have traditional legacy systems and services.  Pay-per-use is core to any cloud business model, and services that do the most with this model are fueling the greatest changes in service delivery.

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How quickly can you get a new application or service deployed for your business? Four weeks? Eight weeks? For many enterprises, the answer is even longer. Today your business needs to respond in Internet time with new services, capabilities, and offerings to stay ahead of its competitors. Yet most corporate IT shops aren’t well equipped to respond with speed. They still have a “procure and provision” approach to services that caters to their in-house process maturity and capabilities. Even if resources are available, they must be assigned and prepped. And those requesting the resources better have a budget for them. All of this can be a lengthy process of approvals and actions involving everyone from development, storage, networking, security, and sometimes even facilities. Why is this so difficult for enterprise IT?