Making electric vehicle charging stations smarter

Engineers working at the AT&T Foundry for Internet of Things (IoT) innovation in Plano, Texas, used the AT&T network and IoT software to enhance Schneider Electric’s EVlink Basic (non-connected) charging station. Our proof of concept better serves electric vehicle (EV) drivers and station operators.

Here’s how it works: EV drivers receive notifications on their mobile phones when charging is complete or spots are open. The app alerts you when your car is near an electric vehicle charging (EVC) station while parking. Facility managers can also turn EVC stations on and off remotely over the AT&T network, get notified if a user parks for too long, and connect to any open back-end system.

IoT software tools AT&T Flow Designer and AT&T M2X gather data from the EVC controllers and send it to the drivers, who get access to useful information such as:

  • Near real-time charging status
  • Temperature
  • Cable position (in-holster versus out for anti-theft)

Charging ahead with innovative solutions

We worked with Schneider Electric to quickly develop a proof of concept using rapid prototyping skills and expertise. This next step of testing in the EV space is a natural evolution for us. Previously, the IoT Foundry team developed an EV dashboard display proof of concept that simulates an EV driving experience in a gas-fueled car. It can help customers overcome anxiety about range when they’re considering buying an EV.

We also built a working charging station in the Plano AT&T Foundry parking lot. I use it to charge my own electric car.


AT&T is using innovative technology and IoT cloud solutions to bring intelligence to machines. At the same time, we’re mindfully delivering our services in a way that improves the growing clean energy market. Our mission is to keep pushing the envelope and driving innovation for our customers.

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Craig Lee Director - AT&T Foundry Internet of Things (IoT) AT&T About Craig