What is the right managed hosting and private cloud option?

  • Businesses are evaluating hosted private and managed services to determine which is the right cloud choice.
  • A new white paper from Forrester Consulting helps businesses make sound decisions.

AT&T commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the hosted private and managed services markets to provide some clarity within these two newer deployment markets.  You’ve done research too, and are better informed about Managed Hosting and Private Cloud. But even after learning more about the options, you may still need some help deciding which option is right for you.  Don’t fear, as the second in the series of three white papers, Which Managed Hosting and Private Hosted Cloud Option is Right for You, guides you through the necessary deciding factors.

Forrester’s study yielded four key findings:

  • Your applications, not your existing infrastructure, determine the basis for deciding the best sourcing assortment. Current infrastructure may influence vendor selection or adoption plans, but it does not dictate the best fit deployment option for your resources.
  • Understand the baseline difference and key attributes of a particular deployment model before choosing or eliminating any options. Establishing this upfront knowledge will help eliminate vendors that fall short of the market definitions while providing you the guidance about which models align to your enterprise’s requirements.
  • Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to outsourcing will quickly lead to cost, performance, or compliance issues. Most enterprises have an assortment of applications that differ in priority, design, customization, dependencies, license models, and fluctuation in resource requirements.
  • Hidden costs come with the territory of outsourcing and change. Your specific application may require redesign in order to scale and achieve high performance in a particular environment.
Amy Lyn Anderson Hosting and Cloud Solutions Product Development Director AT&T About Amy