Webinar: Managing the cyberthreat landscape


New cybersecurity threats are emerging daily; each one more sophisticated than the last, evolving to do more damage and affect more systems. You’d think that the measures designed to counter these threats would be attempting to grow at the same rate, but for many organizations that’s not the case.

Whether it’s a lack of awareness, concerns over costs, or the mistaken belief that built-in security is enough, countless data centers are leaving themselves open to potential data breaches.

These vulnerabilities can have severe consequences, but you don’t have to bear the risks.

Threat Management Webinar

Join us for a live webinar on August 9 with Frank Geshwind and Alex Cherones of AT&T.

In the webinar, you’ll learn how a threat management solution can help proactively protect your organization against growing dangers. Geshwind and Cherones will cover what threat management is and how it works, talk you through the various scenarios you may face, and answer any questions you may have on implementing your own solution.

Don’t miss this chance to learn how you can help build a robust first line of defense against cyberthreats.



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