Marks & Spencer Caters to the Mobile Customer

  • Mobile technology supports Marks & Spencer (M&S) multi-channel, international transformation.
  • Read the case study to learn more about the optimal omni-channel experience.

UK-based retailer, Marks & Spencer (M&S), realizes the importance of having an integrated in-store and mobility strategy. The company relies on mobile technology to help with its transformation into an international multi-channel retailer.

In 2013, Kyle McGinn joined M&S as the lead of its Digital Lab to work closely with the company’s developers. Having this in-house expertise enables M&S to quickly deploy technologies, such as augmented reality shots, to satisfy customers who are progressively using their own mobile devices while in the store.
Retailers responding to a recent EIU report commissioned by AT&T provided data that supports the importance of retailers like M&S focusing on and embracing mobile technology. The data shows a strong connection between a retailer being a leader in mobile technologies at retail, while implementing a successful omni-channel strategy.

Download the case study to learn more about how M&S engages mobile customers.

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