MDM and MAM: Two Peas in a Pod

  • Apps are everywhere, and companies are excited about the possibilities.
  • MDM and MAM solutions help manage this ever-changing environment.

It goes without saying, mobile devices and applications are now synonymous with everyday life.

Apps are used for just about everything – from taxi service to food delivery – and the trend is not slowing down, for consumers or businesses. Companies in particular are excited about the possibilities of applications because they allow organizations to extend their reach to end users and customers, while accelerating transactions, streamlining operations, and increasing responsiveness.

As mobility continues to change, the natural progression for organizations is to figure out “what do we do to manage this ever changing environment?” With the migration of apps to mobile devices (personal and company-owned) in the workplace, organizations may want to consider adopting a multi-layered approach. For many organizations, traditional mobile device management will suffice – it allows them to protect company-owned devices, enable faster deployment and configuration, and enforce policies across multiple of devices. However, some organizations find that this is not enough and mobile application management may be the additional layer of protection that’s needed. Both MDM and MAM are viable solutions; choosing the right solution, with the right capabilities and deploying it to the end users can be another tough hill to climb.

FierceMobile offers some practical guidance to the vetting and selection process in their eBook titled Convergence of MDM and MAM. In six articles, mobility experts offers suggestions on how to consider the two technologies in the broader scope of mobile management – read the ebook to learn how you can move your mobile strategy forward.

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