Mobile Apps Meet Big Data

  • Big data and cloud computing can enhance the business-customer relationship.
  • Mobile apps can drive and accelerate one-to-one marketing.

Now more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to make a purchase.  Surely by now you know ours is a mobile world where smartphones have become an extension of our lives.When consumers are out and about they check their smartphones for real time savings but surely that won’t impact company brand loyalty, right?

To remain competitive, organizations must execute highly-targeted marketing programs that appeal to specific customer segments. Many successful companies are using mobile apps to engage with their customers. Understanding customer behavior — and reflecting that understanding within the mobile app – allows businesses to adapt to users’ evolving needs and preferences. It’s a lot like one-to-one marketing, if you treat people like individuals, they will know you’re listening to them.

Two forces are converging to enable a deeper customer understanding within mobile apps: big data and cloud computing.

  • Big data – the vast volume and variety of structured and unstructured data that now exists holds new insights about customer and prospect behavior that can help businesses connect with them in more meaningful ways.
  • Cloud computing enables convenient, on-demand access to this shared pool of customer-related big data. It provides organizations with the computing power to run predictive analytics, which allows them to innovate and drive competitive differentiation by identifying what customers will want next.

At the intersection of big data and the cloud is the mobile app. Using these disruptive forces, businesses can gain insights and connect with customers in real time to deliver highly relevant experiences —before their competitors do. Across industries, companies that are the best at culling real-time analytic insights from big data are strengthening their customer bases. They are doing this by using available data about mobile users, their habits, and their interactions with these apps to evolve their offerings and drive more business.

I would like to hear from you. How is your business using the power of cloud computing, big data, analytics, and mobile apps to create more targeted and relevant interactions with your customers?
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Asmara Hadi Director of Business Marketing AT&T About Asmara