Mobile Devices and Remote Access – How Do You Move Beyond Mobile Email?

Imagine you are out of the office meeting with customers when you realize you really need that presentation, order form, or latest version of some critical document that happens to be on the server or PC back at the office. You could be so much more productive if you could securely get access to your office resources while on the go using a variety of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.  But not every business has the funding or IT staff to buy, install, and maintain the VPN equipment needed for remote access. A simpler, more affordable alternative is to subscribe to a network-hosted, remote access service.

Benefits of network hosted remote access:

How to handle a key challenge – enabling remote access on newer form factors such as tablets? A variety of techniques exist ranging from VPN clients to specific, non-Internet routing paths in the network.  The key is not the technique so much as determining what users need to access be it files, intranet sites or applications.

If you are already using network-hosed remote access, is it improving the way you work? What are some of the applications or work you access most frequently?
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