Mobile Location-Based Services Travel Internationally

  • Credit card issuers and online retailers can improve fraud detection and enhance mobile marketing with location-based services.
  • The AT&T LIS portfolio powers location intelligence that drives ROI.

To help businesses with the integration of location services, AT&T today announced the pilot of a new Location Information Services application programming interface (API), which can allow businesses to access AT&T network data to locate a participating user’s device in order to authenticate the users’ international location. This API can help businesses protect against potential fraud when their customers travel internationally.

It can also help consumers streamline their travel experience. I discovered this first hand recently when I missed a flight to Barcelona because of a gate-change I was unaware of. After getting over the frustration of missing my flight, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if the airline knew I was at the wrong gate by detecting my location and pushing a message to my mobile device notifying me that I should proceed to another gate?

My longing for location-based assistance didn’t end there. Once I arrived in Barcelona, I headed to the nearest restaurant for dinner. When I attempted to pay the bill, my credit card was declined. I had forgotten to contact my financial institution to alert them of my travel plans. So again, after getting over the initial frustration, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if the credit card company could automatically be alerted that I had arrived in Spain?

These and other capabilities of the API toolkit can drive innovation across industries for businesses and enterprise developers that wish to use location information on AT&T’s network as a trusted authenticator to better serve customers. The toolkit is likely to be of particular interest to financial services and e-commerce companies, but has application across a broad range of industries.

Authenticate transactions, virtually, anywhere they occur

Location information services are growing as the value of mobile account data is realized. Mobile account data is personal, and one of the most up-to-date data sources available. So when a mobile phone connects to the network, you can find out a lot about the device and its owner by comparing the location of the merchant or ATM machine with the geolocation and other para­­meters of the cardholder’s mobile phone.

The mobile network can be used to validate that the device and its mobile number are associated with a specific customer and provide a level of risk-scoring. Mobile account data can be used to verify names and current addresses. Additionally, you can find out how long an account has been opened, and if it is a prepaid or postpaid account. This can provide assurance that the mobile number has not been stolen and that the connection is with the device that you expect.

Credit card issuers, banks, retailers, and online merchants can help combat fraud by determining whether a customer’s mobile device is near the location of a questionable point-of-sale or online transaction. Hybrid / Wi-Fi location can be easily integrated into existing consumer apps.

Location-based services take advantage of enhanced tracking technology to gather data about where a mobile device is located. The location services can offer “pull-based” services, providing the end user or business with relevant information. These services also can be “push-based,” proactively delivering information to customers within a specific geographical area.

Your single-source destination

The location services under the AT&T Location Information Services (LIS) portfolio represent a comprehensive suite of location solutions providing businesses and mobile application developers a single-source destination that can be used to increase the value of their existing investment in location and branded mobile applications.

The AT&T LIS portfolio is perfectly equipped to power location intelligence in support of mobile marketing, campaign management, and Big Data offers. It also easily integrates into some of the world’s most powerful venue and retail analytics platforms to drive additional ROI while offering great flexibility and scalability.

Extending value with location-based application programming interfaces (APIs)

There are powerful benefits to be realized from location services. They can help organizations do everything from track packages, to travel internationally with more peace of mind, to drive marketing messages to the right audiences. Mobile location-based services hold great potential for all types of businesses.

So how can your business take advantage of these benefits?

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