Mobile Optimization – It’s Now or Never

U.S. Online retail sales grew 12.6% to reach $176.2 billion in 2010 and are expected to continue to grow at a 10% compound annual growth rate from 2010 to 2015 according to Forrester Research. Among the factors cited as driving this growth is ubiquitous connectivity to the web.

Increasingly this connectivity is via devices such as smart phones, game consoles and tablets.  Marketers are increasing innovative at driving e-commerce sales.  Flash crowds are being driven to e-commerce outlets by flash-sales and daily deals.  Leaders in this arena include Groupon,  LivingSocial and Yellow Pages’ Deal of the Day.

As businesses become more dependent on e-commerce revenue and as that revenue is increasingly generated on connected mobile devices, attention is turning to helping deliver a  browsing and purchase experience that is on par with the one delivered on a PC.  Consumers expect performance to be equitable.

Research conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Tealeaf Technologies show that 85% of consumers expect the experience on mobile devices to be better than or equal to online using a laptop or desktop computer.  The time is right to be focusing on optimizing the mobile experience.

Recently AT&T Digital Media Solutions launched a host of services designed to optimize the performance of websites and applications on mobile devices.  These services will be featured at the upcoming eTail East in Boston from August 8-11.

At the event, we will be exhibiting and presenting at a luncheon with the theme “The challenges of delivering an optimized experience on ecommerce platforms – from WANs to Mobile Networks”

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Aligning online customer experience with brand and business performance
  • Delivering a personalized online experience
  • Overcoming the challenges of mobile handset type proliferation
  • Ensuring mobile connectivity is transparent to network performance

What has your experience been with shopping on your mobile device?  What has been good?  What has been terrible?  Post your comments here and share the experience with others.

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