Mobile Security: A Force You Must Address

  • A single security breach can result in costly fines and damage to the brand.
  • View 4 Forces of Mobility to learn how to be prepared for cybercrime.

Mobile Security is the first force discussed in 4 Forces of Mobility, the new four-part series that addresses four forces, or challenges, organizations should address in order to thrive in a mobile world.

Few will dispute that mobility is redefining when, where, and how often we engage colleagues and customers in the workforce today. And for the most part, that is good news. However, the flipside is cybercrime. As people become increasingly comfortable with the information they access, store, and share on their devices and across the network, tapping into a device to retrieve personal or company data can pay huge dividends for the criminally-inclined. Ignoring the security issue can put an organization in great danger. One security breach can result in costly fines and tarnish a company’s image. Organizations must leverage the benefits of mobility and defend the enterprise against potential harmful activity.

In 4 Forces of Mobility, industry analysts walk through the force of Mobile Security. This episode, like the other three in the series, includes a brief analyst video and a white paper from leading technology publications providing the latest thought leadership on today’s pressing mobility issues.

Check out the series and enjoy the 4 Forces journey – I think you’ll walk away with increased awareness and action items to move your organization forward.

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