Mobile Security: Where’s the Money?

Security seems to be at the front of everyone’s mind in the mobile enterprise space today.  From the traditional solutions such as MDM or a targeted approach such as Mobile Workspace Management (MWM) to a more overarching mobile management solution, most organizations insist that nothing is more paramount than securing their data.

I agree with this security-first principle and have blogged about the evolution of mobile management that underlines this sentiment.  Some organizations that we come across must have read my recent blog post, because they have every aspect covered – from network to device to application to workspace – while others are really in their infancy.

But I do wonder, when it comes to security, are organizations putting their money where their mouths are? Are businesses truly investing dollars and resources to make their enterprises secure?  A recent IDC Market Spotlight, “Mobile Spending in the Enterprise: Not as Advanced as You’d Think” examines these questions and trends. (Download your copy of the paper below.) Sponsored by AT&T, the report compares organizational spending in the Advanced Mobile Solution space versus where it will be in 2016.

A couple of things stand out:

  1. The lion’s share of organizational spend is still for traditional voice and data services.
  2. Only 1% of the overall mobility spend is directed at mobile security.
Are organizations really securing their mobile environment?

That statistic leaves me asking questions about the overall expectations of organizations when it comes to securing their mobile environment.

  • Do they trust their end users to self-police themselves?
  • Do they feel their current tools are sufficient to protect their organizations information?
  • Are they overestimating mobile security that is built into the device?

Or are we still in the infancy state of mobile?  Are voice and email still really the killer applications that everyone wants? Is it possible that until organizations create more compelling mobile experiences, decision makers really don’t feel the need to extend all of their in house systems to the end user’s mobile device?

Where do you sit?  Is your organization investing in all aspects of mobile security?
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