Mobile World Congress 2015: Vision for city of the future

  • IoT applications for businesses are helping to create futuristic cities, today.

  • From traffic flow to farm-to-table, IoT offers innovations that are changing the way we live.

I’m at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, where visitors are experiencing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions as demonstrated by AT&T’s 3-D, futuristic, connected city. This model is a virtual representation of how IoT solutions are literally transforming the way we live.

The exhibit features five scenes powered by IoT solutions: a port to show the flow of shipping containers monitored with Fleet Management and tracking solutions; an airport, demonstrating AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe; a farm to show how IoT solutions monitor and motorize equipment in a “farm-to-fork” scenario; cars to demonstrate fleet management and traffic analytics, and a power plant to show Smart Grid technology.

Watch the video to see the IoT-enabled smart city representing IoT technologies at work:

Mobile World Congress 2015: Vision for city of the future


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