Mobility and a Unified Communications (UC) Strategy Give Businesses a Strong Advantage [WEBINAR]

“Permanent fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity.” – General George S. Patton

Today’s workforce is mobile.  We operate not only from the office, but we take the essentials of the office with us wherever we go.  The power of the Cloud, coupled with the right mobile tools, allows workers today to communicate and collaborate from wherever business needs to be done.

Many IT professionals today see a mobilized and remote workforce growing larger all the time.  This new lifestyle of working helps to not only increase productivity, but it increases the loyalty of top, coveted talent who desire a more flexible work and lifestyle.

This trend stresses some key points that both small business and enterprise are embracing.  These are:

  1. Mobility needs to be a part of your UC strategy
  2. The power of mobile UC can help transform your business
  3. Mobilizing UC is imperative to business transformation

Businesses who understand the power of combining their UC strategy with mobility can realize the power of flexibility in an always-on business environment.  Remote workers are enabled to get the job done from the location of their choice whether that be the office, home or a third place of their choosing.

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When businesses can be with customers at the point of those customers’ needs, they see a transformation of their operations —- and increase in the bottom line. The organizations which can respond to critical needs faster and to the pleasing of customers, are in a much better position to capitalize on opportunities.  By empowering workers with the right tools that can be used wherever needed, that business gains a competitive advantage.

Businesses around the world are being transformed today in light of the always-on, “I need it yesterday” economic climate.  Those businesses who empower their employees with the right tools and allow them to bring the power of that expertise to customer problems win the race today.

You can find out how successful businesses are deploying a mobilized UC strategy and increasing productivity and profitability through a Webinar being held Wednesday, July 13, 2011. It will be available at 9 am and 12 pm US EDT (2pm and 5 pm UTC in the UK).

This 1 hour webinar will feature Forrester Research’s Robert Whitely, VP Research Director, on the intersection of UC and the growing number of mobile and remote workers.

You’ll also get the opportunity to hear Kathy McKenna, Director of UC Applications for AT&T, as she explores the need for enterprises to include mobility in their unique UC strategies.

If you are a CIO, General Manger, IT Director, Business Owner or just want to know more about a mobilized UC Strategy, this webinar is a must-attend.

You’ll be glad you did.

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