Mobility and the cloud: A dynamic duo for the enterprise

  • Mobility and cloud combine to bring disruption and innovation to businesses.
  • The FierceMobileIT eBook outlines the challenges of cloud storage and the advantages of cloud-based mobile apps.

With the explosive proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, employees have increasingly demanded the ability to seamlessly access enterprise content from any device. Cloud solutions offer users flexibility and productivity– they enable synchronization across devices virtually anytime, anywhere.

As this trend continues, organizations are deciding how to embrace mobility and the cloud – together these solutions bring tremendous innovation and disruption, shifting the status quo of traditional business models and creating new opportunities for competitive advantage. However, with cloud solution delivery, factors such as security and data storage are often front of mind – organization assess these areas as they consider migrating to hosted solutions, such as mobile applications, mobile device management and containerization, and mobile communications.

In an eBook titled, Convergence of Mobility and the Cloud, FierceMobileIT discusses the challenges organizations face in the application of cloud synchronization, and what to keep in mind while keeping up with the trend of applying cloud storage in companies day-to-day work. In the twelve page issue, the following is discussed:

  • Advantages of Cloud-Based Mobile Applications
  • Cloud Based Mobile Device Management and Containerization
  • Mobile Communications and the Cloud
  • Security Remains Key for Organizations Considering Cloud Storage
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