Mobility Tools for The Home Depot’s Customers and Employees

  • Brands that empower mobile device shoppers build better customer relationships.
  • The Home Depot encourages salespeople to teach customers how to use mobile apps.
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Mobile device shoppers are well-equipped to make the right purchase while on the go or in a physical store.  This new way of shopping is encouraging retailers to advance their mobility strategies to serve both customers and employees.  As reported in an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report commissioned by AT&T, The New Retail: From Mobile Aspirations to Business Results, retail respondents who rated their companies as early adopters of mobile technologies “create an in-house app culture of their own and are able to respond to customers’ expectations when it comes to using mobile devices throughout the shopping lifecycle.”

The Home Depot is leading the way with its approach. According to Cara Kinzey, senior vice president of information technology, the specialty retailer is committed to having in-store employees who are familiar with the same value-added mobile tools that their customers are using.

The Home Depot’s salespeople were already using mobile technologies before its consumer app and mobile website were introduced, and they were offered incentives for teaching customers how to use them. Making employees aware of how consumers are interacting with their brand is helping to build a better customer experience.

What mobile tools are your employees using to engage customers?

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