Mobilizing Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)

  • UCC is growing more pervasive as employees are working more remotely.

  • UCC benefits include the ability to collaborate using an assortment of mobile devices and solutions.

  • You’ll need a strategy and strong partner for deployment and implementation of UCC.

As more workers become untethered from their desks and work places, collaborating with their ecosystem of customers, partners, and suppliers on the fly becomes increasingly important. Enter mobilization of the UCC experience.

UCC is growing more pervasive as users are going more mobile while crossing platforms, devices, and UC applications. Today’s new mobile-enabling technology and applications give your employees and coworkers:

  • The ability to access and collaborate on documents over encrypted channels from mobile devices.
  • Mobile work space options that allow them to collaborate from virtually anywhere while using an assortment of devices.
  • Technology that enables mobile users to initiate and join video and web conferencing on supported platforms.
  • Cost containment when roaming by leveraging mobile client applications that provide features and functionality similar to the office desk phone.
Mobile Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) in action

A large multi-national auto maker found the answer to their field and plant communications problem through a mobile UCC solution.

They used robotic systems on their assembly line that were manufactured in Germany. The problem? The machinery had to be maintained by technicians in the U.S., which called for support from engineers located in Germany. It was difficult for the local technicians to identify who in Germany was available at any given time, and to then collaborate on issues with them.

The solution involved deploying a tablet device and a UC client that had availability information for technicians in Germany, along with IM, voice, and video capabilities. The local technician could then see what remote experts were available to assist them and use IM, call, or video to collaborate with the engineer to solve a problem in record time.

Another way mobile UCC accelerated business processes within the company was by connecting global automobile design engineers working on body and interior design with the U.S. plant to view car prototypes under construction. The prototypes could be placed in rooms equipped with 360 degree cameras that could then broadcast live images to desk top video clients as well as to large multi-screen video collaboration rooms at all locations.

The results included:

•Improved up-time on robotics and faster fault resolution and enhanced productivity.

•Integrated mobile devices utilized on the plant floor with back office IP telephony.

•Containment of roaming costs with roaming-aware products.

•Management of devices and applications with mobile device management solutions.

Optimizing mobile UCC

Savvy enterprises will  transform their cultures, structures and technologies to stay competitive. Mobile UCC deployed across a reliable network and integrated effectively with disparate platforms and back office engines will help enable enterprises to achieve this vision.

Combining mobility and cloud services helps make businesses more agile and responsive. It allows internal teams to collaborate over multiple platforms to deliver capabilities much faster, and it can help shorten the time to market for new products. The combination helps businesses be more cost efficient, productive and innovative. As businesses deploy their workforce all over the world, employees need to be able to quickly and easily access their corporate data and apps. AT&T UC solutions makes this possible in a highly secure manner from virtually any device.

Whether you are a business decision-maker or a customer, you expect information to be available at your fingertips. The ability to combine IT resources in the cloud with mobile devices creates unique opportunities for every business. Mobile allows information anytime, anywhere. It brings you the information you need, when you need it, to make decisions.

If you are attending UC Expo in London this week, stop by the AT&T booth (C313) to learn more about the mobile UC solutions AT&T is delivering today. You can also attend AT&T’s seminar, Innovating with Mobility to Transform Business, featuring Vishy Gopalakrishnan, AVP Unified Communications & Collaboration, AT&T Big Data & Advanced Solutions, on Tuesday, April 21. Click here to arrange a meeting with one of our UC experts.


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