Mobilizing veterinary care with bigtincan hub and Zoetis

  • A mobility solution helps veterinarians access medical information they need in the field.

  • bigtincan hub from AT&T solution integrates with other programs to help remote and mobile workers collaborate with colleagues from any location.

If you’re a large animal veterinarian, you don’t spend much time with your desktop computer. Consider how much easier it is for a vet to go to a sick or injured horse rather than vice versa; veterinarians are often out in the field (literally). Although most animal care is routine, sometimes vets need extra insight and knowledge, but it’s not always convenient to bring textbooks, veterinary journals, and the input of peers along for the checkup.

Medical records and knowledge are moving online and going mobile. More ways to access credible, science-backed information on the go means better care for patients. Pharmaceutical companies must move fast to keep up. Vets need information at their fingertips, whenever and wherever their patients need it. The following video offers an inside look into how AT&T is mobilizing veterinary care with bigtincan hub and Zoetis.

Mobilizing veterinary care with bigtincan hub and Zoetis

Access insights on the go

Zoetis, formerly Pfizer Animal Health, wanted to stand out from the herd. So it created a comprehensive database of veterinary knowledge and resources. Zoetis chose the bigtincan hub solution from AT&T, to create VHub®, a platform that combines information about Zoetis’ medications with veterinary journals and industry news. Along with aggregating and prioritizing content in a single unified solution, VHub also enables vets to customize content and collaborate with each other. It takes the knowledge that vets need to diagnose and treat animals out of the office and puts it in an easy-to-use app. For vets in areas without cellular service or Wi-Fi, VHub offers offline access, too.

Work happens outside of the office more and more. For some industries, working on the road is only now available for the first time. Veterinarians have always been mobile, but they haven’t had access to all of their resources in the field, where they need them most. With VHub from bigtincan and AT&T, vets have more resources at their fingertips – including the insights of their peers. It’s helping them confidently provide the best care for their patients.

The solution provides a variety of options for protecting privacy and data, even on lost or stolen devices. AT&T also can provide set up and support services through the entire process.

Collaboration made easy

Zoetis purchased bigtincan hub from AT&T to stand alone. However, it can also be integrated with other business and productivity programs, like Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint, Salesforce, and SAP. bigtincan hub can from AT&T can be hosted in the cloud, on premise, or as a hybrid. Zoetis chose to make VHub available through the cloud, because they wanted it to be as accessible as possible to as many veterinarians as possible.

Whether your workforce has always been out in the field or is embracing mobility to work remotely for the first time, bigtincan hub from AT&T can make collaboration easy, highly secure, and user-friendly, from virtually any device. If you’re interested, let’s talk.



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