Move Fast With M2M

Every day consumers get some kind of mailer from an energy company offering lower rates versus their current provider.  But cost isn’t the only consideration when selecting an energy company, customers also want reliability, control over usage, and the ability to customize how they consume energy. With Machine to Machine technologies, utilities are already differentiating themselves with visibility to key components that allow them to proactively minimize outages, observe energy usage real time, offer customized price plan, and secure the grid from attacks and mischief.  A recent article from Forbes describes one such scenario in the energy and utilities sector.

AT&T just announced 15.2M connected M2M devices on our network.  We continue to lead in connecting diverse types of assets and machines to our networks, letting our customers extract data and intelligence from them and making smarter and faster decisions.  This is especially true in the utilities and smartgrid area as they reduce their operating costs, and get intelligence to make better decisions.  AT&T is playing more than the role of connectivity provider, we are bringing our cloud, analytics, security and partner relationships to deliver end to end solutions in the M2M space.

What other areas are on your radar that can benefit from an M2M solution?  Feel free to comment.
Mobeen Khan Business Executive Mobility Marketing Director AT&T About Mobeen