My Best Days are Sunny Days, even though I depend on the Clouds!

I have the joy of working for a telecommunications company which means connectivity, in many different formats, is always an option. Connectivity is a regular part of my life as it was on a recent sunny spring afternoon. I was working from the comfort of my back deck and participating in a call about the future of our cloud services.

While enjoying a blissful, blue-sky day with a few puffy white clouds, I had the thought that this is what a customer should experience in business. There should be no concerns about the clouds, and they certainly should not divert your focus from the beauty of the day.

Let’s think about how this relates to the experience you should have when working with and leveraging the cloud in your business. The cloud can be your place for simple components like storage or computing resources. It is also for more advanced needs such as applications for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or Order Management. When leveraging these cloud services the expectation is that you will have a sunny, blue sky experience and not have to worry about the ‘cloud’ that is delivering the services you are consuming.

Why should you have to worry about keeping up with demand for more storage or demand for more computing resources? Cloud services can assist with these efforts and more while giving you the opportunity to enjoy sunny blue skies!

I make it clear in my conversations with customers about AT&T’s cloud infrastructure solutions – “Let AT&T focus on the infrastructure which allows you to focus on the applications that drive revenue to your business.”

In other words, let me focus on the clouds. You focus on creating the sunny blue skies for your end users.


Your Turn: Can you think of more benefits of cloud for your business? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!
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