National Small Business Week

  • The right mobility, security, and communications technologies can help small business owners spend more time with customers.

  • Small businesses have unique needs that require the right solutions to promote growth and keep costs in check.

  • AT&T has great promotions and resources designed for small businesses during National Small Business Week and beyond.

May 4 – 8 marks National Small Business Week, and at AT&T, we’d like to say “thank you” to all of our small business customers. We applaud you for following your passion and making the dream of owning your own business a reality.

I want to spotlight a couple of small businesses in my community.

5th Street Pizza opened in 2006 and was named the 2014 Small Business of the Year in Allen, Texas. The owner, Jeff Gamache, expanded his restaurant a few years ago to keep up with growing demand. He serves many types of pizza, with 5th Street Pizza being best known for its St. Louis-style, thin crust pizza. My personal favorite is the “mighty, meaty.” It is simply delicious!

The Milk Pail, which opened in late 2013, is a local store that brings back memories of the grocery markets of yesteryear where you could stop on your way home to pick up items such as bread, eggs, produce, milk, and prepared foods. The owner, Michael Murray, has taken this concept to a new level. He’s now offering email ordering and drive-through service. I recommend the chicken salad!

What do these two businesses have in common with many other small businesses? They look for ways to market their businesses to securely handle payments, and to keep in touch with suppliers and employees, all while managing expenses.

We know you want to spend time focusing on your customers, not on your communication needs. During National Small Business Week, AT&T has great promotions to help you stay connected and better manage your company. Please visit for details.

The thousands of AT&T employees that work every day to support small businesses across the country congratulate you for your dedication to success. Please let us know how we can help you fulfill your dream of growing your small business.


Tom Hughes Small Business Marketing Vice President AT&T About Tom