Navigating life with technology

As a sales leader, every so often you come across a customer that inspires you. Nupath Inc. is one of those customers. The Boston-based organization serves the growing population of adults with varying degrees of intellectual disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder. This year, April 2 was the eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day. I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the great work the folks at Nupath are doing. In particular, I’d like to tell you about Navigating Life.

NuPath’s Navigating Life is an advanced, cloud-based platform that runs on the AT&T network. Parents and legal guardians can use the platform to stay up-to-date with the daily events of their sons or daughters. NuPath staff updates events as they happen, so family has a real-time glimpse of their loved ones’ day.

As a concerned and involved parent, I like to check on my son’s and daughter’s daily lives. I get my updates through technology. We text. We call. I get quick reassurance that all is well. I imagine this typical parental concern increases for those who want to keep in touch with an individual whose disability limits communication. Everyday challenges give these parents and caregivers an added need for reassurance. These families need to know their loved ones are safe, supported, and engaged in community-based, life-enriching experiences. At NuPath, they also use technology to lessen concerns and provide reassurance.

With Navigating Life, parents can log on and get a live update of the day. Seeing a picture of a loved one enjoying a daily activity provides peace of mind. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

We spoke to some folks who use the Navigating Life platform. Doreen Majeau, mother of Michael, shared her perspective. Before Navigating Life, “We didn’t know what he was doing every day,” she said.  Robert Majeau, Michael’s father, added, “It means so much to us to see him enjoying himself and fulfilling his life.” Hear it firsthand in this video interview.

It inspires me to see NuPath address the needs of those with autism or other intellectual disabilities. I’m proud to be part of a company that enables the technology that gives NuPath the tools to do their job better, ease concern, and provide reassurance.

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